Materials Update #2


Dear Justin Blair Customer,

We have finished our first full week in the material business.  We have begun shipping orders including some of the backorders some of you had with Aetrex.

I know Tamika has made most, if not all the calls, to accounts that had open orders prior to August 1, 2014.  Again, if you believe you have an open order and have not heard from Tamika, please e-mail me at  I will work with Tamika to make sure there are no orders which have “fallen through the cracks.”

We have had some M Guides come back to our offices in Chicago. This week, we will be reaching out to the accounts which catalogs have come back.  We want to make sure we have correct addresses and phone numbers in our system.  You will hear from Tamika, or another team member in our customer service department.

We expect to have a complete Carboplast inventory in Chicago by Wednesday or Thursday this week.  Once this is completed, we will review the open backorders and will reach out to you if you have an order in the system. We want to know if you wish to add anything to the shipment.

The last truckload of inventory which was in New Jersey will be delivered to Chicago on Tuesday.  We have worked with New Jersey this past week to get items not in stock, in either location, into the system for production. Justin has worked with Adam and Chris in New Jersey to insure every item has been included in the production schedule.  I hope to have delivery dates by this time next week.

We have hired a new production manager for Chicago who will spend four weeks learning the production methods for each of the machines in New Jersey.  This will allow a smooth transition when the equipment comes to Chicago in two months.  We have already sent a team of three people last week to start the training in this area.

From the comments I have received from Tamika and Matt Collins when they have spoken with some of you, I am very excited how the reception to this transition has been received.  The Justin Blair team is looking forward in working closely with you to “doing business, made easy”.

We will be working on a “Value” list this week to present to you next week.  This list will have items at reduced pricing to be either liquidated or inventory reduction due to an overstock position.

Have a great week, and I hope we hear from you this week, whether for the first time, or if you are ordering again

Very truly yours,

Marvin Bearak
Justin Blair & Company

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