Thank you for a great year—here’s to 2019!

Our December Shoe Repair Meet & Greet was also a special “Customer Appreciation Event.”

We welcomed our customers with coffee, sweet treats—and prizes, of course! We gave away 10 Amazon Echo Dots and the grand prize was a big-screen TV.

Thank you to all of you who help us learn, grow, and become a better business every day. Here’s to a successful 2019!

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NEW! Micro-size orthotic supports

Offer a unique, compact foot comfort solution to your shoe store or medical facility customers.

SoulInsole is a micro-size orthotic support that adds maximum comfort to any shoe. This amazingly small insole adds the perfect amount of arch support to prevent over-pronation and relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. The revolutionary new design is durable, easy to clean and self-sticking so it can easily be moved from shoe to shoe.

In addition to the insole, the SoulInsole line also includes a unique Heel Wedge, Met Pad and Toe Separator.

Contact us to learn more about SoulInsole and place your order.

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NEW! Orthotics for ESD and children’s footwear

Add to the orthotic selection at your shoe store or medical facility with the new Powerstep ERGO ESD Orthotic, as well as the Powerstep Pinnacle Junior Orthotic, which is specially-designed for children’s footwear.

The Powerstep ERGOShield ESD Orthotic provides full contact electro-static dissipation (ESD) at the heel and ball of foot using conductive fibers threaded throughout the durable top cover. A contoured EVA base with a breathable urethane foam layer offers added cushioning and slight support for all-day comfort. It continuously dissipates static discharge in body to the shoe to the ground. Recommended for use in ESD-approved footwear only.

Pinnacle Junior is a fully cushioned, full support option for children’s footwear, which often lacks sufficient cushioning or support. The dual-layer EVA/VCT® Cushion foam offers full-foot comfort and shock absorption, and the encapsulated polypropylene arch support provides support and improved foot positioning.

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Our updated Buyer’s Guide is now available!

JB Buyers Guide 2019

The 6th edition of the Justin Blair & Company Buyer’s Guide features a new online format that makes it easy to navigate to specific product categories (Footwear, Orthopedics, Orthotic Materials, Shoe Care, Shoe Repair Supplies and Shoe Store Supplies), download pages you are interested in, and share pages via email or social media.

Plus, inside the 200-page Buyer’s Guide you’ll find:

  • More than 1,000 new products
  • An all new easier-to-use layout
  • Detailed sizing and color charts
  • All new Shoe Repair Supplies section

Take a look inside and see how our new Buyer’s Guide will help grow your business in the new year.

Print fans, never fear: hard copies of the Buyer’s Guide will be available late January 2019. Contact us to receive a print copy.

Justin Blair & Company 2018 Holiday Hours

Holiday are here—jump for joy

Jump for joy—holidays are here! We want to make you aware of our holiday office and warehouse closures, so that you can plan your orders accordingly.

Justin Blair offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday, December 24-25, as well as Tuesday, January 1—no orders will be processed or shipped on these days.

The last shipping day for 2017 orders is Friday, December 28, so place your order by Thursday, December 27 (based on product availability).

Our annual physical inventory will be conducted Wednesday through Friday, January 2–4, 2019—no orders will be processed or shipped on these days.

Thank you for doing business with us in 2018—we wish you a prosperous year ahead!

P.S. check out our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for a selection of giftable products that your customers will love for gift-giving and stocking stuffers.

Socks with Purpose: a comprehensive foot pain solution

Socks with Purpose

Socks with Purpose® is an innovative way to offer foot pain solutions to your shoe store or medical facility customers. Orthosleeve—a top brand in leg and foot pain relief—offers a comprehensive medical grade compression sock program that addresses a range of pain issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, shin splints and achilles tendonitis.

The Socks with Purpose program allows you to choose from four pre-defined packages (featuring 4, 5 or 6 different foot pain relief products) that have been specially-created to maximize sales. Featured products include:

  • FS4 Orthotic Socks address Plantar Fasciitis, arch & heel pain and swelling. Available in three colors.
  • FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks address Plantar Fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, calf pain, shin splints, arch & heel pain and swelling. Available in five colors
  • BR4 Bunion Relief Socks address bunion press, toe friction, bunion pad, Plantar Fasciitis and swelling. Available in two colors.
  • FS6 Foot Bracing Sleeve addresses Plantar Fasciitis, heel & arch pain, achilles tendonitis and swelling. Available in three colors.
  • DS6 Decompression Sleeve addresses severe Plantar Fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. It delivers overnight and resting therapy.

The Socks with Purpose program allows your retail or medical store to be a one-stop-shop for leg and pain relief.

Reach out to us to learn more about the Socks with Purpose program and to create the perfect package.

Tips for protecting shoes in winter weather

It’s that time of year: snow, sleet and slush will be upon us (or should I say, our shoes). Do your customers know how to protect their shoes against winter weather?

Start with a silicone

The first line of defense is an offense: brush on a liquid silicone, like Ralyn Liquid Silicone, which repels water from shoes and keeps leather soft.

Spray on heavy-duty protection

Prepare for the worst winter has to offer with a high-tech weather protector spray like Ralyn Aquatec. A spray is easily applied and thoroughly protects the entire surface of shoes, boots and apparel against rain, snow and slush—it even prevents salt stains. See Ralyn Aquatec in action in this product demo video.

Offer a natural solution

Are customers looking for a natural weather protection solution? A natural beeswax product like Sno Seal protects leather shoes and boots from rain, snow and salt. Regularly applying a wax will also extend the life of your shoes, and it can be used in conjunction with your regular shoe polish.

Take special precautions with suede

Suede shoes are especially susceptible to winter’s effects. Make sure to only use a product especially made for suede, such as Ralyn Suede & Nubuck Aquatec. Note that waxes should not be used on suede.

If you can’t protect ’em—cover ’em

If shoes haven’t been protected or your customer often travels in wet weather, you may want to suggest a pair of overshoes. Made of rubber and 100% waterproof, they fit over dress shoes and provide a physical barrier to moisture, as well as extra traction in wet weather.

And what to do if they do get wet…

If shoes do get wet, let them air dry—don’t use a heat source to dry them. And pack them with newsletter or use a wooden shoe tree to preserve the shape.

A good weather protection program will keep your customers’ shoes looking good throughout the winter season. Come springtime, they will be thanking you!

We carry a full line of weather protection from our in-house brand Ralyn Shoe Care as well as several other high-quality brands. Pick up everything you need for winter at our November 18 or December 16 meet and greets at our Chicago warehouse. RSVP on our Facebook page. 

Get your shoe store ready for winter weather

Is your shoe store or shoe repair shop ready for winter weather?

Stop by our Chicago warehouse for one of our upcoming Meet and Greets on Sunday, November 18 and Sunday, December 16, where you can meet our staff, learn more about our shoe repair and shoe care products and shop for those all-important weather protection products.

We have a large selection of everything you need for winter weather: shoe and boot protector sprays (such as Ralyn Aquatec and Tarrago Nano Protector), silicones and desalters (we carry Ralyn and Angelus brands), cleaners and shampoos. We also have a large selection of Tingley Overshoes.

We carry all of your other shoe repair and care needs, such as leather and rubber soles, shoe creams and dyes, dowels, abrasives, brushes (including personalized options), shoe laces, needles and thread. Plus the largest selection of shoe polish in the Midwest!

We will also be doing demos of Shoe Systems Plus Supreme Machines Shoe Repair & O&P Lab equipment in our showroom.

Bring your shopping list and stock your shelves before the snow and salt hits the ground!

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Email or call us with any questions or special requests before you stop by.

See you there!

Finding the Right Shoe to Alleviate Symptoms from Common Foot Problems

Guest post by Rae Steinbach of Taos Footwear 

Each day we rely on our feet to carry us around with little thought until they cause us pain or discomfort. Our feet contain 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and around 50 ligaments that hold everything together and help us move.

With so many parts, it is hardly surprising that it doesn’t take much for something to go wrong. In fact, there are many different types of foot problems. Understanding what they are and how they’re caused will aid us to choose shoes, like comfortable sandals or supportive sneakers, that can correct or help treat common conditions.

Common Foot Complaints and Treatments

Foot pain can occur in the ball, heel, toes, or ankles. Each condition has slightly different causes and requires various treatments to relieve the pain. Below is a list of common foot ailments and their likely causes, along with suggested treatments.

Hammer Toes, Claw Toes, and Mallet Toes

Although they may sound similar, each of these conditions has slightly different causes and treatments.

A hammer toe causes the second, third, or fourth toe to cross, point at an odd angle, or bend at the middle. Often caused by badly fitting shoes, this condition can be corrected with a proper fit that leaves room for toes, inserts, and foot pads. If left too long however, toes can become fixed in this position, leading to intense pain that can only be corrected with surgery.

Claw toes occur is when all but the big toe curls up from the first joint, where toes connect with the foot, and down from the middle joint. Wearing tight shoes can cause this condition, which often results in calluses and corns forming on top of the middle joints. Nerve damage from diabetes and other conditions can also cause claw toes.

Mallet toes usually affect the longest toe on the foot – either our big toe or second toe. The last toe-joint bulges, causing it to take on a mallet shape. Foot injuries and arthritis can cause this condition and it should be treated by regularly rubbing calluses with pumice stones to reduce their size. Those affected should also wear shoes with enough room for the toes and place a pad over the toe or under the tips.

Each of these conditions can also be helped by special exercises that strengthen and stretch feet and toe muscles.

Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and Stone Bruises  

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs can sometimes be confused, as both cause pain in the heel. Plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation or irritation in the foot tissue that connects the heel to the ball of the foot. Heel spurs, on the other hand, are the result of a calcium build up on the heel bone that can extend as much as half an inch, sometimes causing pain similar to that of plantar fasciitis.

Heel spurs are associated with poorly fitting or severely worn shoes, excess weight, and running regularly on hard surfaces. Plantar fasciitis is related to a wider range of factors. It can be brought on by increasing age that brings on a reduction in the heel’s protective fat pad, diabetes, spending most of the day on one’s feet, and flat feet or high arches.

The pain from both heel spurs and plantar fasciitis can be alleviated by wearing shoes that adequately support feet and cushion heels.

Stone bruises are deep bruises that feel as though you are walking on a small stone that can often feel like either of the above two conditions. Well-fitting shoes that have shock absorbing soles can alleviate pain while the bruise heals.

Bunions, Corns, and Calluses

Bunions form on the edge of the big toe and can cause intense pain, or simply cause the big toe to point inwards without any other symptoms. Well-fitted shoes with plenty of space for toes should be worn to avoid rubbing and generating unnecessary pain.

Corns and calluses are caused by shoes that don’t fit properly, put pressure on the feet, and rub on the toes, heels, or sides of the foot. Wearing shoes that fit properly should stop corns and calluses from developing.

If you have corns already, treat them by soaking feet in warm water for ten minutes or more. Then, file the affected area with a pumice stone to reduce thickened skin and relieve pressure when wearing shoes. Padding can also be used to protect affected areas from further damage.

Feet are often overlooked in the daily care and maintenance of our bodies. Taking a little time each day to look after our feet often prevents painful conditions (such as those noted above) from developing.

Freelance editor Rae Steinbach is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing (of course).

What’s up their (leg) sleeve?

Orthosleeve from Justin Blair & Co.

We are the exclusive Midwest distributor of Orthosleeve, an innovative line of medical and performance products.

Their award-winning, innovative compression sleeves use medical-grade, patented Compression Zone Technology® to relieve leg pain and discomfort—without restricting movement and activity.

We carry their entire line of compression sleeves for leg, knee, wrist, elbow and patella, including these top-selling compression products:

QS4 Thigh Compression Sleeve relieves pain from quad strains, weak hamstrings, leg fatigue and Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). Available in Black, sizes Small to X-Large.

FS6+ Foot and Calf Sleeve relieves leg pain and discomfort from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, DVT and leg cramps. Available in Beige, Black, Pink, White and Yellow, sizes Small to X-Large.

DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve relieves pain resulting from Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, swollen feet and torn ligaments.  Available in White, sizes Small to X-Large.

See our full selection of Orthosleeve compression sleeves. 

For leg pain relief and injury prevention that allows you to stay active, Orthosleeve is the #1 choice.

Contact your Territory Manager or to select the perfect Orthosleeve products for your customers’ needs and place your order. 

Questions? Call us at (800) 566-0664 or email us at 

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