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NEW PRODUCT: DeoSole odor-destroying shoe patch

DeoSole shoe odor patch

We’ve added a new product to our Ralyn Shoe Care line: DeoSole® odor-destroying shoe patch.

The DeoSole patch uses a unique carbon laminate odor-neutralizing technology that offers up to 3 months protection against shoe odor. The compact size fits easily in all types of footwear and is easy to apply—just peel and stick the patch inside shoes.

DeoSole odor-destroying shoe patch

Makes a great addition to your shoe care accessories display or countertop for impulse purchase at checkout. Sold in units of 12.

Contact us to learn more about DeoSole and to place an order.

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NEW! Micro-size orthotic supports

Offer a unique, compact foot comfort solution to your shoe store or medical facility customers.

SoulInsole is a micro-size orthotic support that adds maximum comfort to any shoe. This amazingly small insole adds the perfect amount of arch support to prevent over-pronation and relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. The revolutionary new design is durable, easy to clean and self-sticking so it can easily be moved from shoe to shoe.

In addition to the insole, the SoulInsole line also includes a unique Heel Wedge, Met Pad and Toe Separator.

Contact us to learn more about SoulInsole and place your order.

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NEW! Orthotics for ESD and children’s footwear

Add to the orthotic selection at your shoe store or medical facility with the new Powerstep ERGO ESD Orthotic, as well as the Powerstep Pinnacle Junior Orthotic, which is specially-designed for children’s footwear.

The Powerstep ERGOShield ESD Orthotic provides full contact electro-static dissipation (ESD) at the heel and ball of foot using conductive fibers threaded throughout the durable top cover. A contoured EVA base with a breathable urethane foam layer offers added cushioning and slight support for all-day comfort. It continuously dissipates static discharge in body to the shoe to the ground. Recommended for use in ESD-approved footwear only.

Pinnacle Junior is a fully cushioned, full support option for children’s footwear, which often lacks sufficient cushioning or support. The dual-layer EVA/VCT® Cushion foam offers full-foot comfort and shock absorption, and the encapsulated polypropylene arch support provides support and improved foot positioning.

Contact us to learn more and place your order.

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Our updated Buyer’s Guide is now available!

JB Buyers Guide 2019

The 6th edition of the Justin Blair & Company Buyer’s Guide features a new online format that makes it easy to navigate to specific product categories (Footwear, Orthopedics, Orthotic Materials, Shoe Care, Shoe Repair Supplies and Shoe Store Supplies), download pages you are interested in, and share pages via email or social media.

Plus, inside the 200-page Buyer’s Guide you’ll find:

  • More than 1,000 new products
  • An all new easier-to-use layout
  • Detailed sizing and color charts
  • All new Shoe Repair Supplies section

Take a look inside and see how our new Buyer’s Guide will help grow your business in the new year.

Print fans, never fear: hard copies of the Buyer’s Guide will be available late January 2019. Contact us to receive a print copy.

Socks with Purpose: a comprehensive foot pain solution

Socks with Purpose

Socks with Purpose® is an innovative way to offer foot pain solutions to your shoe store or medical facility customers. Orthosleeve—a top brand in leg and foot pain relief—offers a comprehensive medical grade compression sock program that addresses a range of pain issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, shin splints and achilles tendonitis.

The Socks with Purpose program allows you to choose from four pre-defined packages (featuring 4, 5 or 6 different foot pain relief products) that have been specially-created to maximize sales. Featured products include:

  • FS4 Orthotic Socks address Plantar Fasciitis, arch & heel pain and swelling. Available in three colors.
  • FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks address Plantar Fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, calf pain, shin splints, arch & heel pain and swelling. Available in five colors
  • BR4 Bunion Relief Socks address bunion press, toe friction, bunion pad, Plantar Fasciitis and swelling. Available in two colors.
  • FS6 Foot Bracing Sleeve addresses Plantar Fasciitis, heel & arch pain, achilles tendonitis and swelling. Available in three colors.
  • DS6 Decompression Sleeve addresses severe Plantar Fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. It delivers overnight and resting therapy.

The Socks with Purpose program allows your retail or medical store to be a one-stop-shop for leg and pain relief.

Reach out to us to learn more about the Socks with Purpose program and to create the perfect package.

What’s up their (leg) sleeve?

Orthosleeve from Justin Blair & Co.

We are the exclusive Midwest distributor of Orthosleeve, an innovative line of medical and performance products.

Their award-winning, innovative compression sleeves use medical-grade, patented Compression Zone Technology® to relieve leg pain and discomfort—without restricting movement and activity.

We carry their entire line of compression sleeves for leg, knee, wrist, elbow and patella, including these top-selling compression products:

QS4 Thigh Compression Sleeve relieves pain from quad strains, weak hamstrings, leg fatigue and Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). Available in Black, sizes Small to X-Large.

FS6+ Foot and Calf Sleeve relieves leg pain and discomfort from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, DVT and leg cramps. Available in Beige, Black, Pink, White and Yellow, sizes Small to X-Large.

DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve relieves pain resulting from Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, swollen feet and torn ligaments.  Available in White, sizes Small to X-Large.

See our full selection of Orthosleeve compression sleeves. 

For leg pain relief and injury prevention that allows you to stay active, Orthosleeve is the #1 choice.

Contact your Territory Manager or to select the perfect Orthosleeve products for your customers’ needs and place your order. 

Questions? Call us at (800) 566-0664 or email us at 

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RECAP: 2018 Justin Blair Summer Sales Meetings

The 2018 Justin Blair Summer Sales Meetings wrapped up earlier this month and we enjoyed meeting with representatives from Thermoskin, Soul Insole and Apex, as well as several others.

Our goal is always to stay on the leading edge of shoe and foot care, so we are thrilled to announce several new products that will soon be available. Thermoskin POP display from Justin Blair

Thermoskin POP Display

This compact, point-of-purchase counter display from Thermoskin features three best-selling products: Arthritic Gloves, Thermal Circulation Slippers and Sport Knee Stabilizer. Single-product displays are also available. Buy online or contact your Territory Manager to learn more and see a sample.

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble from Justin Blair

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble Orthotic

The Soul Insole Shoe Bubble is a micro-size orthotic support that adds maximum comfort to any shoe, while relieving pain with soft memory gel. Washable and reusable with no odor (antibacterial/antimicrobial).


Apex Petal footwear from Justin Balir

New Footwear and Orthotics from Apex

Petals, Apex’s new leather and canvas line of footwear, will be available in early September.

Their newest innovation, the A-Wave Foot Orthotics, is available in three densities (Flex, Firm & X-Firm) and will also be available in September.


Justin Blair Buyer's GuideUpdated Justin Blair Buyer’s Guide

We are also finalizing our latest edition of the Buyer’s Guide, which details all of the products we offer. Stay tuned for the release in the coming months. 

If you don’t have a copy of the current Buyer’s Guide, please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 566-0664 or to be added to our mailing list. 

Doing business, made easy…

As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback to make working with us easier—that’s why we call it “Doing business, made easy!”

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NEW! All-natural wipes for shoes, boots and handbags by BootRescue

BootRescue Wipes

We are now stocking BootRescue Wipes—the only all-natural range of wipes for shoes, boots and handbags.

Designed by a Canadian shoe lover who was frustrated by bad weather ruining her shoes and accessories, BootRescue Wipes remove unsightly and damaging dirt, salt stains, oil and surface stains from shoes, boots and handbags. 

We are stocking BootRescue, ShoeRescue, SneakerRescue, SandalRescue and HandbagRescue wipes, each one individually formulated for the type of shoe or accessory. Available in box and pouch options. Perfect for increasing accessorial sales.

All products are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Download our BootRescue brochure to view the full collection and place your order.

Stock up now for fall and winter weather season! 

Contact your Territory Manager or to place your order today. Questions? Call us at (800) 566-0664 or email 

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NEW: Ralyn Tongue Pads & Leather Shoe Grips

New Ralyn fitting aids

When it comes to feeling comfortable in shoes, it’s all about the fit—or should we say, fitting aid. Say hello to three new products we have added to our popular Ralyn “pillow pack” fitting aid collection. 

Men’s Tongue Pads and Women’s Tongue Pads are adhesive felt pads that are applied to the tongue of the shoe and help keep the heel from sliding forward by providing a tight fit at the instep. They are ideal for narrow feet or loose-fitting shoes.

Leather Shoe Grips are a leather version of our popular Shoe Grips. The soft leather cushion keeps the heel from rubbing, sliding or slipping and provides a secure, comfortable fit. They are ideal for loose-fitting shoes and can be used in men’s or women’s shoes.

Call our office at (800) 566-0664 to place an order or order online.

See these new fitting aids, plus the rest of the Ralyn Shoe Care collection, in person at our next Open House in Chicago on Sunday, April 29th (8 am–3 pm).

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NOW STOCKING: Handmade insoles and shoe accessories from Pedag USA

Now stocking insoles from Pedag USA

We are now stocking insoles and accessories from Pedag USA—the largest German manufacturer of insoles and orthotics.

These German handmade insoles offer the highest level of comfort and performance and are made from a variety of fine materials including natural wool, shearling lambskin, terry cloth, and tanned leather.

Dress, casual, and sport full- and 3/4-insoles for men and women are available, as well as shoe inserts and accessories such as a Polishing Glove. Find insoles specifically-made for warmth, foot support, high-impact sports, and all-day comfort. Styles made just for women make high heels and fashion shoes more comfortable.

Download our Brochure to view the full collection and see sizing chart.

Contact your Territory Manager or customer service to place your order today. Or order online.

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