Materials Update #1


August 4, 2014

Re: Update#1

Dear Justin Blair Customer:

As of last Friday, we have taken over the manufacturing and distribution of Apex Materials.  We will still be manufacturing in New Jersey for the next couple of months to insure this transition continues to move in a smooth and transparent manner.

The M Guide Catalog was mailed out last week with many of you having already received your copy.  If you have not received a copy as of yet, you can download a version without pricing here, but please e-mail me with your address to insure we have the correct contact information in our system. My e-mail address is:  We also recommend visiting our  for current information.

Please note we have made an error on page 11 of the Guide pertaining to the pictures of Carboplast.  The Standard should be Extreme, and Extreme should be labeled Standard.

Any open orders you may have had with Aetrex are now in our systems, being prepared for fullfillemnt.  Starting today and over the next three days, Tamika Stewart (your dedicated inside csutomerservice representative) will be calling you to confirm these orders. If you do not hear from Tamika by Wednesday night, please call her on Thursday to advise what you have on order.  Tamika may be reached at (800) 566-0664 or via email,

We have placed orders for materials not in stock, and we trust the current backorders will be eliminated within the next 45 days. Our initial thrust is to get inventories in large supply for when we move the equipment in September.

Very truly yours


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