Materials Update #9

Materials_BannerAs we enter the final stage of transitioning the material division to Chicago, the efforts of our team in training and production of sufficient inventory levels are being realized.

A lot has transpired during the past two weeks.  The final container of raw ThermoSky and Thermocork Lite arrived from Spain, enabling our team of four men in New Jersey to fabricate into finished goods.  After months of training, our team ran the entire production department to not only produce ThermoSky and Thermocork Lite sheets, they also became proficient in producing PPT components and wedges.   This core group of men will form the working team in Chicago to begin production once the equipment arrives.

I realize we do not have a complete 100% inventory level at this time, nor will there be when we move the equipment, but we will work diligently to get the equipment up and running as quickly as possible, working whatever hours it takes to get inventories to better working levels.  Here is the following schedule of what we expect to happen over the next two months.

The Aetrex staff believes they will be able to convert whatever is left in New Jersey by November 17th into items we need.  Remaining sheets need to be split and components need to be finished off and packaged.  Once production is complete and the equipment turned off, our team of movers will arrive and prepare the equipment for transportation. It should take three days to transport the equipment and put it into place.  I believe the equipment will be in Chicago prior to Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving, the electricians and vacuum system people will run the power to the equipment.  Aetrex will be sending a team of four people to assist in getting the equipment up and running expeditiously. We will be hiring an additional four people and we will train these people along side of the team we currently have trained. 

We expect another container ThermoSky and Thermocork Lite to arrive early December.  We have a truck of Plastazote on order, which will also arrive around December 1, 2014 so that we have enough material on hand to begin producing needed goods. We also have ordered a large quantity of material to produce components which should arrive mid December.  We believe once everything is up and running in Chicago, we will have a better handle on what is to be produced, and will work as many hours as needed to get to the shipping proficiency Justin Blair customers have been accustomed to. 

During the past few weeks, we have met with all our vendors and have a good working plan to insure no interruptions in material deliveries.  We are very excited to bring this division to new heights, and prove to you, our partners in distribution, reliable quality products your customers deserve.  We have a great team of people in place, who have worked hard the past three months to get through many of the issues we were faced with.  I am proud of what they have accomplished in a very short time.  Between Matt Collins, leading the charge and Tamika Stewart in the office watching each of your accounts trying to better understand your needs, the rest of the customer service staff in Chicago is waiting to join in on this exciting new venture. Josh Palacios, our purchasing manager, has worked closely with the vendors to understand what is needed.  I especially would like to point out the people who have traveled to New Jersey the past three months for training, Will, Manuel, Quan, and Juan, have sacrificed time at home to learn how to produce the products we will be making. 

I look forward to hearing early next year, how things have improved, and how easy it is to work with Justin Blair.  We want to be your source for materials and will continue to work hard to earn your business.  As I have said from the beginning, if you need something, anything, please reach out to me either by phone or  Your satisfaction is why we are here!

Very truly yours,
Marvin Bearak
Justin Blair & Company

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