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NOW STOCKING: Handmade insoles and shoe accessories from Pedag USA

Now stocking insoles from Pedag USA

We are now stocking insoles and accessories from Pedag USA—the largest German manufacturer of insoles and orthotics.

These German handmade insoles offer the highest level of comfort and performance and are made from a variety of fine materials including natural wool, shearling lambskin, terry cloth, and tanned leather.

Dress, casual, and sport full- and 3/4-insoles for men and women are available, as well as shoe inserts and accessories such as a Polishing Glove. Find insoles specifically-made for warmth, foot support, high-impact sports, and all-day comfort. Styles made just for women make high heels and fashion shoes more comfortable.

Download our Brochure to view the full collection and see sizing chart.

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